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spikey53: How about some good old soldat
Smeg: Pft Golf I already allocated a slot for that sure we can find something els for that slot :)
spikey53: I see on the 8th of June there is an time slot of 12:00 with nothing on it mayb could be filled with an Golf tournament ?
Blitz: I cannot wait!
Smeg: lol the supreme commander is discounted on steam at mo 9 bucks for all the games who els keen to give it a bash
Smeg: Nutty Golf is for pansies :)
Smeg: trackmania is in the list already on sunday :). how many peeps can play supreme commander forged alliance nutty
RedNuttyGuy: on a serious note what about supreme commander forged alliance with the FAF launcher
SkallyWagg: I would be Keen on trackmania. Trackmania nation's is free and available on steam
RedNuttyGuy: i think i got gifted golf with friends. I really should play it more often

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