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spikey53: Spikey is in the house WOOT WOOT !!!
Smeg: Parking!!! SMG lan peeps can to park in front SMG units and on SMG side of the driveway! The sings are to stop other's parking in SMG's side of the drive.
Smeg: i might even kick your ass reepr
Blitz: I'll let you kill me Rob, it's all good :D I'll go AFK haha
reepr: Bad news, I had a practice game. Turns out i am even shittier than I thought I was. Might not even be able to kill Blitz now :(
BraveWarrior: F*ck I have to go photograph a gig on Sat night now... :(
spikey53: Thanks Logan, Us TCOSY lot will see you there :)
Smeg: Starts at saturday 10am - sunday 3:00 but if you want to come setup friday night for some pre lan lan your welcome out of there 9pm friday night.
cub3y: What's the times for the lan?

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