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Bradleyarred: Привет всем! прикольный у вас сайт! Нашел прикольную базу кино: лучший турецкий сериал 2020 года рейтинг Тут: детективы зарубежные смотреть бесплатно в хорошем качестве рейтинг 2021 Тут: смотреть лучшие фильмы 2020
Rurd2di: Yeah Keen
Smeg: How many peeps are keen to lan weekend after queens brthday?
Smeg: Bugger :( cya next time brave. Schedule is rough as i think we will be playing all sort of different games. I havent got the BBQ so well be doing takaways for dinner to!
BraveWarrior: I am unable to make this LAN now due to re-scheduled events due to COVID-19. I have to be in 3 cities on Sat and none of them is Wellington...
spikey53: Schedule update?
Smeg: Cool I will be back in wgtn thursday start updating the servers. getting shit ready :) Ill try send invites out this weekend
Rincey: PAID!!!! ;)
spikey53: So where is everyone at we doing this?
iammortos: Wish I could make it man but thats Halloween! Have a blast team, hope to make the next one! (over a long weekend perhaps? )

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