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not available.


not available. Call Of Duty BLACK OPS

ip Blackops Public Server 1 (UNRANKED)

not available. DC++ Hub

\\hub or for files and connect hub for DC++

not available. Half-Life 2: Counter-Strike Global Offensive

ip CSGO Public Server

server not responding.
Half-Life 2: Counter-Strike Source

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ip PUG Server
players 0 / 0

server not responding.
Half-Life 2: Counter-Strike Source

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ip Gun Game
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not available. Teamspeak 3

Teamspeak 3 Connect to

not available. Track Mania

Track Mania Download Free

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spikey53: Never thought you would mention the game golf with friends smeg :P
Smeg: Ok was thinking of running a few online comps since were in lockdown. SMG LOCKDOWN LAN. Desmond suggested golf with friends, i also think CSGO gungame, CS deathmatch, UT, Quake 3, maybe dota and a few other games others might want to play
Evil_Guy: nice :b
Smeg: Yeah Hopefully we can run it. I haven't sent out email invites yet. Ill look at once we come out of lock down!
Filter: Assuming COVID doesn't kill this, be great to get a long after years away!
Smeg: WILL BE FUN :)
spikey53: I think ill have to skip work, Well try...
Rurd2di: SMG lan yeeeewwww

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