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22 People have registered.
14 People have paid.

33 of 47 seats available!

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    22 People have signed up for SMG LAN 2018 27th October -> 28th October.
    14 People have paid & there are 33 of 47 seats available.

    NOTE: To receive an official invite you must RSVP. We will announce on the front page when invites are sent out!

      How To RSVP:
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Group Username Invited Paid Seat
Soulrolll Yes Yes Wheres My Seat?
`Friends erad Yes
[SMG] Blitz Yes Yes Wheres My Seat?
[SMG] Disasta Yes Yes Wheres My Seat?
[SMG] hostile Yes Yes Wheres My Seat?
[SMG] markoshark Yes Yes
[SMG] Rayniverse Yes Wheres My Seat?
[SMG] reepr Yes Yes Wheres My Seat?
[SMG] Smeg Yes Yes Wheres My Seat?
[SMG] tomtard Yes
*CF* EzY_mEaT Yes Yes Wheres My Seat?
BraveLAN BraveWarrior Yes Yes Wheres My Seat?
BraveLAN Deth Yes Yes Wheres My Seat?
TCOSY ARevenger Yes Yes Wheres My Seat?
TCOSY cub3y Yes Yes Wheres My Seat?
TCOSY jimbobjones Yes Yes Wheres My Seat?
TCOSY Osiris
TCOSY RedNuttyGuy Yes
TCOSY SkallyWagg Yes
TCOSY spikey53 Yes Yes Wheres My Seat?
TCOSY will2k_nz Yes
Weta Stimpy Yes Wheres My Seat?

important info
RSVP in your profile to receive an official invite.

Only 40 seats
1st to pay, 1st to play!!!

Get your payments in quick or miss out.
$30 Donation per person before the event
No payments on the Day.

*All payments are non refundable.
** Seating is assigned by an admin after your donation has cleared.

shoutbox «««

Smeg: Be great to cya there boy'z :)
cub3y: Will be my first SMG after so many years of wanting to come! Cya there all my TCOSY peeps
spikey53: Whoop Whoop I can make it :D
BraveWarrior: !!!
A_Tiny_Chipmunk: Should be leaving soon ish.. dogs don't seem to think outside is where the toilet is
Rincey: aiming to leave home ~10am, so be there about midday :)
Smeg: Reef has brought alonga VR rig for everyone to play with so iv moved people around a bit :)
Smeg: We got some good prizes :) I will put the games/prize list up in the morning Make sure you have games downloaded and installed 1st thing Get lots of practice games for the comps in later on :)
A_Tiny_Chipmunk: Brave shall I bring my vr to? Space could be an issue lol
Rurd2di: We are sitting at AKL airport waiting on next flight lol. missed our flight down xD. cya soon bitches

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